The better love story

Story taken from 'She Loves Her - Short Stories Series' by Abhishek Thamke
When I was a little girl, the traditional type, two ponies on my head, brown green eyes, I never realised what I really am. Just young and carefree, playing in the dirt, climbing trees, playing with the neighbours... Your typical childhood. But don't let the normal childhood fool you. Anyone can have a normal childhood, anyone can grow up with the most normal families, but not anyone will understand how I eventually grew up.
So it came that I had one off weekend, doing nothing, thank you injury... Sitting at home doing nothing, preferring it anyways, myfoon received a message. As I unlocked my phone, I see it's my ex texting me that she is in town and she is inviting me to get a few drinks with her.... At first I told her I'm really not in the mood, but she convinced me by saying she's got a friend (girl) that she wants to introduce to me. Now it gets interesting, like why didn't shesay that in the first place. I asked her to send me a picture first, but she said I should come for a drink and see for myself. go or not to go?
So I jumped through a shower, put some jeans on and a hoody with my tommies.... Inside of me I had this urge to go, so I went. When I walked into the bar, there were two girls playing pool, and I thought to myself, wow hardcore ladies... And just when I wanted to turn around and walk out of the bar, my ex camewalsing in. She introduced me to these "hardcore" ladies, one of them being the girlfriend and the other as being the friend she wanted me to meet.
Well I didn't really give notice to the girl, so I did what I do best, DRINK!!! The later the evening gets, the more happier I get... alcohol effect... And so I used the funniest pick up line on the girl and yes, she kissed me. Well I'm still on my own mission, not really putting effort in flirting. So the music decided to take a turn and play some slower music and I asked her to dance with me. So we danced, laughing and joking, really enjoying the night...

Abhishek Thamke

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